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/b/ ~ tell us ...
No. 8105 Quote report

File 1394785303702.jpg

tell us


>went to class
>was never late
>studied hard
>made good grades
>didn't talk without raising my hand


>Glued a quarter to the floor in front of autistic/down syndrome class
>Riot that lasted 2 hours
>No longer have a special needs class at my school

>> File 1394786698057s.jpg

>be the weird kid
>no one mess with me
>no one talk with me either
>I fucking hate our class bully
>he is always messing with the nerdy girl I had a crush on
>fucking asshole
>well gess what, I'm also an asshole
>shove half a laxative (liquid) in his sport drink before a game
>long storie short he changed schools after being greg the crap crapper for a couple months
>no one knows what I did


You sick fuck

>senior year
>captain of track team
>annoying fat sophomore kid (thrower) won't shut up
>end of the meet, everyone is getting their stuff and going on the bus
>fat kid tells me he's going to the restroom
>the bathroom door has a hinge on the outside with the lock on it
>lock kid inside
>go to bus
>coach takes a head count, one short
>tell him the kid left with his parents, they believe me because captain
He never showed up to practice after that

>> File troll_face-1280x800.jpg

set the school on fire


>be me 18m
>senior year
>still a virgin
>all over this fat bitch for months, feed her hoping for sex
>dem titties are ferocious
>go on camping trip with her and her friends
>don't get sex from her, says she's saving herself
>fuck her hottest friend 6/10 virgin
>go nacho style on this bitch
>everyone hears
>fat bitch cries
>fuck the 6/10 for months
>6/10 ditches me for MTGFag
>fuck her 8/10 older sister
>her and fat bitch are friends again
>fat bitch and her plot like hamburlgers
>tell all the girls in school I have a small dick
>kept fucking the 8/10 sister with my small dick
>marry the 8/10, have 2 kids now
>see the 6/10 sis and fat bitch during gatherings
>6/10, now a 4/10 and fat bitch are still single
>still married and bored as fuck

damn that shit was long

>> File tumblr_n42o8kxZlu1s2wio8o1_1280-930x1249.jpg

early 90's, shoved a girl into her locker, she was anorexic