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/v/ ~ The extreme majority of /v/ either likes or doesn&...
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The extreme majority of /v/ either likes or doesn't dislike Undertale, and wants or wouldn't mind Sans in Smash. The people who get passionately angry about it are almost universally underage, as evidenced by their fear of being judged for what they like


I won't ever not like Undertale just because it got an autistic mega-fanbase.
I want Sans to be picked for Smash 5 just so the internet would collapse on itself mostly.


The autistic fanbase is just the cherry on the top of the shitpile that is Undertale. Its actually one of the worst indie games.


Undertale is one of the best wrpgs ever not even memeing

>> File 1521549723228s.jpg

I honestly wouldn't want any of the characters in it as I wouldn't want the game spoiled for anyone.
But if they did have a character, I don't think a late-game surprise boss is the correct choice.

all correct